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Gendron Jensen: Bidden at 5. Gallery – The Magazine

Interlopers at Evoke Contemporary – The Magazine

Good Morning, America by Mark Power (GOST Books, 2019) – Phroom Magazine

OUT There: Jeff Krueger & Terri Rolland at Gallery Fritz – The Magazine

Jasper by Matthew Genitempo (Twin Palms, 2018) – The Magazine

A Grocer's Orgy by Lucas Blalock (Primary Information, 2018) – Phroom Magazine

Hypermarche – Novembre by Motoyuki Daifu (The Gould Collection, 2018) – Phroom Magazine


Milky Way by Vincent Ferrané (Libraryman, 2017) – Phroom Magazine


Best Books 2016, Contributor – photo-eye Blog

Motsure Hotsure Tsumugu by Marco van Duyvendijk (Self-Published, 2016) – photo-eye Blog

On A Good Day by Al Vandenberg (Stanley/Barker, 2016) – photo-eye Blog

Tundra Kids by Ikuru Kuwajima (Schlebrugge Editor, 2016) – photo-eye Blog

 Imperial Courts: 1993-2015 by Dana Lixenberg (Roma Publications, 2015) – photo-eye Blog


Best Books 2015, Contributor – photo-eye Blog

Star of the Stars by Yoichi Nagata (SkyEarth, 2014) – photo-eye Blog

Amc2 Journal Issue 10: LagosPhoto 2014 (Archive of Modern Conflict, 2014) – photo-eye Blog

Tones of Dirt and Bone by Mike Brodie (Twin Palms, 2015) – photo-eye Blog

Amc2 Journal Issue 9.  Amore e Piombo: The Photography of Extremes in 1970s Italy (Archive of Modern Conflict, 2014) – photo-eye Blog

A Perpetual Season by Gregoire Pujade-Lauraine (MACK, 2014) – photo-eye Blog

Grays the Mountain Sends by Bryan Schutmaat (Silas Finch, 2014) – photo-eye Blog

Camera Era by Barbara Levine and Martin Venezky (Project B, 2014) – photo-eye Blog

Lessons in Posing Subjects by Robert Heinecken (WIELS & Triangle Books, 2014) – photo-eye Blog

The Whale's Eyelash edited by Timothy Prus (AMC Books, 2014) – photo-eye Blog


Best Books 2014, Contributor – photo-eye Blog

The Night Climbers of Cambridge edited by Thomas Maileander (AMC Books, 2014) – photo-eye Blog

Fractal State of Being by Sara Skorgan Teigen (Journal Publishers, 2014) – photo-eye Blog

Interview: H. Lee on Grassland – photo-eye Blog

Interview: Michelle Frankfurter's Destino  – photo-eye Blog

Until the Kingdom Comes by Simen Johan (Yossi Milo Gallery, 2014) – photo-eye Blog

Yoshino by Cuny Janssen (Snoeck, 2013) – photo-eye Blog

Deletrix by Joan Fontcuberta (Ediciones Poligrafa, 2013) – photo-eye Blog

AMC2 Issue 8: Quan Shen by Thomas Sauvin (AMC Books, 2013) – photo-eye Blog

The Pencil of Nature by Manabu Miyazaki (Nohara Co Ltd/Izu Photo Museum, 2013) – photo-eye Blog


Best Books 2013, Contributor – photo-eye Blog

The Photobook as a Storyteller, Contributor – IMA, Autumn Vol. 5, 2013

The Cliffs by Bertrand Fleuret (J&L Books, 2013) – photo-eye Blog

 AMC2 Journal Issue 4: Chasing Shadows from the Archive of Modern Conflict (Archive of Modern Conflict, 2013) – photo-eye Blog

A Period of Juvenile Prosperity by Mike Brodie (Twin Palms Publishers, 2013) – photo-eye Blog

Interview and Portfolio: Ronald Cowie  – photo-eye Blog

Interview: Jon Naiman on Familiar Territory  – photo-eye Blog

Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes by Ed Panar (Spaces Corners & The Ice Plant, 2013) – photo-eye Blog

Found Photos in Detroit by Arianna Arcara and Luca Santese (Cesura Publishing, 2012) – photo-eye Blog

Portfolio and Interview: Ryann Ford  – photo-eye Blog

Censorship Daily by Jan Dirk van der Burg (Self Published, 2012) – photo-eye Blog

Another Language by Marten Lange (MACK, 2012) – photo-eye Blog

Portfolio & Interview: Jane Alden Stevens' Seeking Perfection: Traditional Apple Growing in Japan  – photo-eye Blog

Letters from Utopia by Daan Paans (The Eriskay Connection, 2013) – photo-eye Blog

Once a Year by Axel Hoedt (Steidl, 2013) – photo-eye Blog

AMC2 Issue 6: Space Conquerers! from the Archive of Modern Conflict (Archive of Modern Conflict, 2013) – photo-eye Blog

Kemonomichi by Kisei Kobayashi (Tosei-Sha, 2013) – photo-eye Blog

AMC2 Issue 5: Notes Home from the Archive of Modern Conflict (Archive of Modern Conflict, 2013) – photo-eye Blog

Most Popular of All Time by Gordon MacDonald & Clare Strand (MacDonaldStrand, 2012) & The Father of Pop Dance by Tiane Doan na Champassak (Self-Published, 2012) – photo-eye Blog


Dive Dark Dream Slow edited by Melissa Cantanese (The Ice Plant, 2012) – photo-eye Blog

In Almost Every Picture 11 edited by Erik Kessels (KesselsKramer, 2012) – photo-eye Blog

Interview: Klara Källström and Thobias Fäldt on B-B-B-Books – photo-eye Blog

Los Restos de la Revolution by Kevin Kunishi (Daylight, 2012) – photo-eye Blog

Kiev from The Sochi Project (The Sochi Project, 2012) – photo-eye Blog

AMC2 Journal Issue 3 from the Archive of Modern Conflict (Archive of Modern Conflict, 2012) – photo-eye Blog

Interviews: Cig Harvey on You Look At Me Like An Emergency – photo-eye Blog

Casual Encounters by Michael Max McLeod (Goodbye Ranch, 2012) – photo-eye Blog

Jeddah Diary by Olivia Arthur (Fishbar, 2012) – photo-eye Blog

Photographer's Showcase Interview: John Chervinsky -- Studio Physics  – photo-eye Blog

Interviews: Jeff Rich on Watershed, with Antone Dolezal – photo-eye Blog

AMC2 Journal Issue 2 from the Archive of Modern Conflict (Archive of Modern Conflict, 2012) – photo-eye Blog

City Diary by Anders Petersen (Steidl/Swedish Books/GUN, 2012) – photo-eye Blog

Traveling Across the USA by Paul Gerhard Diez (Bücher & Hefte Verlag, 2012) – photo-eye Blog

Night and Day by David Armstrong (Morel, 2012) – photo-eye Blog

Interviews: Rania Matar on A Girl and Her Room  – photo-eye Blog

Photographer's Showcase Interview: Destino  – photo-eye Blog

Objects in the Mirror edited by Hans Gremmen (FW: Books, 2012) – photo-eye Blog

Interview: Hans Bol on Paradise City  – photo-eye Blog

White Noise by Antonio Julio Duarte (Pierre von Kleist Editions, 2011) – photo-eye Blog

AMC2 Journal Issue 1 from the Archive of Modern Conflict (Archive of Modern Conflict, 2012) – photo-eye Blog

Photographer's Showcase Interview: The Mark of Abel  – photo-eye Blog

A New Kind of Beauty by Philip Toledano (Dewi Lewis Publishing, 2011) – photo-eye Blog

Mom & Dad by Terry Richardson (Morel, 2011) – photo-eye Blog

An Interview with Ken Rosenthal  – photo-eye Blog

In the Shadow of Things by Leonie Hampton (Contrasto, 2011) – photo-eye Blog

Box – Pass It On edited by Peng Yangjun & Chen Jiaojiao (Shang­Xia Ltd, 2012) – photo-eye Blog

Is This Place Great or What by Brian Ulrich (Aperture, 2011) – photo-eye Blog

The Dutch Photobook: A Thematic Selection from 1945 Onwards edited by Frits Gierstberg, Rik Suermondt (Aperture, 2012) – photo-eye Blog

Photographer's Showcase Interviews: Kevin Erskine  – photo-eye Blog

Haiiro by Karianne Bueno (Schaden, 2012) – photo-eye Blog

The Mushroom Collection by Jason Fulford (Minneapolis Institute of Arts, 2012) – photo-eye Blog

paloma al aire by Ricardo Cases (PHOTOVISION, 2011) – photo-eye Blog


Iraq | Perspectives by by Benjamin Lowy (Duke University Press, Durham, 2011) – photo-eye Blog

Real Fake Art by Michael Wolf (Peperoni Books, 2011) – photo-eye Blog

From the Bottom of a Well by Shawn Records (A­-Jump Books, 2011) – photo-eye Blog

The Unseen Eye by W.M. Hunt (Aperture, 2011) – photo-eye Blog

In Almost Every Picture #10 edited by Erik Kessels (KesselsKramer, 2011)  – photo-eye Blog

Zapalla/Yurinaki by Andres Marroquin Winklemann (ma+go & Andrés Marroquín Winkelmann, 2011) – photo-eye Blog

Dondoro by Estelle Hanania (Kaugummi, 2011) – photo-eye Blog

Photographic Memory: The Album in the Age of Photography edited by Verna Posever Curtis (Aperture/Library of Congress, 2011) – photo-eye Blog

A Tree of Night by Tomoki Imai (Match and Company Co. LTD, 2010) – photo-eye Blog

FOTO.ZINE NR.4 by Erik van der Weijde with collaborations by Linus Bill, Takashi Homma, Erik Kessels, Paul Kooiker and Eric Tabuchi (4478zine, 2011) – photo-eye Blog

The Pier by Nils Petter Löfstedt (Pierre von Kleist Editions, 2010) – photo-eye Blog

Maske by Phyllis Galembo (Chris Boot, 2010) – photo-eye Blog

Behind the Zines edited by Robert Klanten, Adeline Mollard and Matthias Hübner (Gestalten, 2011) – photo-eye Blog

Photographer's Showcase Interviews: Grace Weston  – photo-eye Blog

Happy Birthday To You by Anouk Kruithof (Self-Published, 2011) – photo-eye Blog

Myriorama by Estelle Hanania (Gottlund Verlag, 2010) – photo-eye Blog

Story/No Story by Tobias Zielony (Hatje Cantz, 2010) – photo-eye Blog

Sketches by Viviane Sassen (Kominek Gallery, 2010) – photo-eye Blog

Hillbilly Heroin, Honey by Hannah Modigh (Journal, 2010) – photo-eye Blog

Kitintale by Yann Gross (Self-Published, 2010) – photo-eye Blog

We English by Simon Roberts (Chris Boot, 2009) – photo-eye Blog

Killed: Rejected Images of the Farm Security Administration edited by William E. Jones. (PPP Editions, 2010) -- photo-eye Blog

Phantom City by Kim Bouvy (Pels & Kemper, 2010) – photo-eye Blog

Interviews: Michael Schmelling, with Antone Dolezal – photo-eye Blog

Interviews: The Archive of Modern Conflict, with Antone Dolezal – photo-eye Blog




All That is Solid Melts Into Air – Etiquette, Santa Fe NM

Design for Dance – Residency workshop at Banff Center for Arts and Creativity

Costumes for PIE – a play by Theater Grottesco performed at Adobe Rose Theater, Santa Fe NM

Costumes for Summer in the Multiverse – Meow Wolf, Santa Fe NM


Costumes for Meow Wolf's House of Halloween – Meow Wolf, Santa Fe NM

House of Eternal Return – Meow Wolf, Santa Fe NM

Meow Wolf 8th Anniversary Exhibition – David Richard Gallery, Santa Fe NM

Jewel Pop – Caldera, Santa Fe NM


See For Yourself, Group Show – The Wonder Institute, Santa Fe NM

Dale Bradley & Sarah Bradley – The Studio on Slough Road, Brewster MA


The Staff Show – photo-eye Bookstore, Santa Fe NM


The Staff Show – ­­ photo­-eye Bookstore, Santa Fe NM

Costumes for Pyg –­­ play by Christopher J. Johnson performed at The Lensic, Santa Fe


Meow Wolf Christmas Group Show  ­– Eggman and Walrus, Santa Fe NM

The Due Return ­­ – Meow Wolf, Muñoz Waxman Gallery CCA, Santa Fe NM

Costumes for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland – Santa Fe Children's Theater


Costumes for The Moon Is To Live On  – ­­ Meow Wolf, Warehouse 21, Santa Fe NM

Habitats ­­ – Meow Wolf, Santa Fe NM

Costumes for Tom Sawyer – ­­ Santa Fe Children’s Theater

Costumes for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland ­­ –­­ Santa Fe Children’s Theater



All That Is Solid Melts Into Air – The Magazine


George RR Martin enchanted by Santa Fe art group Meow Wolf's alternative vision of Victorian house – The Telegraph

The House That Art, Fantasy and Mystery Built – New York Times Magazine

NEO SANTA FE – New Mexico Magazine

Rabbit moon: Artist Sarah Bradley – Pasatiempo